2017 Voler Jersey Comparison

jerseys pictured above from left to right: Equipe with AMP fabric and 3/4 hidden zipper, Equipe with Genesis fabric and full hidden zipper, Trail, Enduro long sleeve, Velocity, Black Label DX.

Here at Voler, every one of our jerseys is produced at our Grover Beach factory using sustainable practices. Almost every raw material that goes into our jerseys are USA made. We take pride in making the best quality cycling jerseys that exceed our customer’s expectations. Our lifetime repair policy ensures that we can continue to exceed your expectations long after you make your purchase.

We know it can be tricky to pick out a jersey for the first time, so we've outlined the fits, fabrics, and construction below. If you are shopping for cycling shorts or bibs, please see our tech article on how to select the proper cycling shorts.

Core Road Jerseys

  • Our Equipe jersey is the same pattern we've produced for over ten years, its tried and true featuring durable over-lock construction and three back pockets. The Equipe jersey is available in 3/4 hidden zip, or full hidden zippers.
  • The FS Pro jersey is our Grand Tour jersey equally well suited for racing or long days in the saddle. The Flat Seam construction is perfect for adding a new element to your design. With multiple thread colors to choose from you can give your jerseys a unique and professional look. The main body is made from our Genesis fabric, a 100% Micro Poly created to be extremely breathable, soft and comfortable. The integrated side is constructed with Micro X poly mesh for improved ventilation. The gripper waist keeps the jersey bottom in place and our new for 2017 full-hidden auto-locking zipper allows for more versatility without disrupting your artwork. Updated with NEW Coolmax PowerGrip arm bands and available in full custom with optional reflective Pixel pocket.
  • Longer sleeves and an extremely tight cut result in our most technical and aerodynamic jersey available. The lightweight Axiom fabric is form-fitting to reduce drag without being constrictive. Our NEW Nova fabric and Micro X Mesh add breathability and superior moisture transfer. The low profile Coolmax PowerGrip arm and waist openings keep the jersey in place.
  • Black Label represents the best of what Voler offers, and is one of the few distinct jerseys not available in our Full Custom catalog. The standard Black Label jersey's fit is between race and club and the DX version is pure race fit. Both jerseys feature a clean fit waist gripper, PowerGrip arm bands, mesh side panels, with an easy pull zipper. Plus, the back of the jersey offers a zippered pocket on top of the the three roomy back pockets. The Black Label line is available in a variety of colors, with reflective elements designed to keep you visible in low light.

Fit Specifications

Voler offers two fits in our Equipe and FS Pro Jerseys: Race and Club. Race cut is slimmer and more aerodynamic, Club is more relaxed for extra comfort. If you have a slender upper body, you'll probably prefer race cut. If you have a muscular upper body (mountain bikers), or have a belly, we suggest going with club cut. If you are in-between it's really a matter of preference and what's comfortable for you. Beyond our standard Equipe and FS Pro patterns, we have The Velocity jersey in a select few collections. It is our most form fitting jersey made with stretchy fabrics, designed to give you an aerodynamic advantage.

Mountain Bike Specific Jerseys

Voler is committed to expanding our line of mountain bike specific apparel and we've added a number of new garments over the past couple of years to meet the demands of mountain bikers. We currently offer three distinct jerseys for mountain bikers: the Enduro jersey, the Trail jersey, and the XC jersey.

  • The Enduro jersey is designed to be durable and to be worn over pads. We offer three sleeve lengths, short, 3/4, and long, to accomodate all rider preferences. The long sleeve and 3/4 sleeve variations feature mesh under-arm panels.
  • The Trail jersey is made from lightweight Genesis. What our Genesis fabric gives up in durability, it makes up in lightweight coolness and breathability. The Trail jersey is perfect for riders that prefer to ride wearing a pack, and comes in gender specific fits.
  • The XC jersey is a more relaxed version of our traditional Equipe jersey without elastic in the arms or waist, it features mesh side panels, 4 back pockets and a short chest zipper. It's a great choice for all day cross country rides.


Most of our jerseys come with either AMP or Genesis fabrics. Both are 100% polyester technical knits that excel at wicking moisture away from your skin. AMP is slightly heavier weight and more durable. Genesis is lighter weight (perfect for summer) and has slightly more stretch than AMP. Both AMP and Genesis are rated UPF 28+ to keep the sun off your back. We also offer Geotherm as an option for our long sleeve thermal jerseys and Axoim for our Velocity jersey and tri tops.

The Voler Store offers a variety of all jersey types. In Full Custom, we typically give you a choice based on what your order coordinator has specified. As always if you have any questions, please reach out to us at 800-644-4002 or sales@voler.com and we will find perfect jersey for you.

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