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Designed specifically for running, with lightweight Genesis fabric front and ultra-lightweight Alito mesh back, this singlet is designed to wick moisture and to be as lightweight as possible. This sleeveless top has a slightly loose fit to allow freedom of movement while running.

  • Genesis micro front fabric.
  • Alito light mesh back.
    Aero / TightFitted / RaceAthletic / ClubComfortLoose
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Available in Men's and Women's sizing.
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Units Amt
15-24 $54
25-49 $50
50-99 $46
100-199 $42
200+ $37

Fit & Sizing

Aero / TightFitted / RaceAthletic / ClubComfortLoose

Technical Information

Alito Micro Mesh

Alito Micro Mesh is a finely knitted Poly Spandex fabric milled in Italy. The lightweight construction mixed with the micro yarns help this fabric wick moisture quickly and increase its breathablity.

  • Italian Micro Mesh.
  • Fast drying and breathable.

Genesis Fabric

Genesis is the new generation of performance fabric. The micro denier Polyester yarns are designed to transport moisture through channeling, which pushes the moisture from your skin to the outside of the fabric where it can evaporate more efficiently. The micro denier yarns also provide a soft and comfortable feel along with being durable. The fabric has superior sun protection with a UPF rating of 28+.
Weight: 129 GSM

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