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The long sleeve Peloton DX comes in a single comfort fit cut. Its available in two fabric choices, GeoTherm or Genesis. All jerseys come with three rear pockets, mid height collar and separate side panels. Jerseys come standard with a full-length exposed locking zipper. This jersey also features 3 rear pockets, Voler silicone waist gripper.

  • GeoTherm is perfect for cooler weather and will retain warmth while remaining breathable and quick drying.
  • Genesis is lightweight fabric that has a channeled structure to promote fast and efficient moisture wicking and cooling.
  • Optional reflective Pixel pocket.

    Aero / TightFitted / RaceAthletic / ClubComfortLoose
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Fit & Sizing

Aero / TightFitted / RaceAthletic / ClubComfortLoose

Technical Information

Genesis Fabric

Genesis is the new generation of performance fabric. The micro denier Polyester yarns are designed to transport moisture through channeling, which pushes the moisture from your skin to the outside of the fabric where it can evaporate more efficiently. The micro denier yarns also provide a soft and comfortable feel along with being durable. The fabric has superior sun protection with a UPF rating of 28+.
Weight: 129 GSM

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GeoTherm fabric

GeoTherm combines breathable, quick drying, ultra-soft, 100% micro-poly fabric with fleeced backing for retaining warmth utilizing heavyweight construction for durability. Milled in Italy.
Weight: 185 GSM or 5.5 OSY

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Pixel Reflective Pocket

Pixel Reflective Pocket

Highly reflective Pixel fabric covered with thousands of screen printed glassbeads that illuminate when struck by light, increasing visibility in low light or night time rides without compromising breathability. Standard 3 pocket design. Optional pocket panel upgrade on select jerseys.

* Pixel is designed to be used for low light rides and is not intended for everyday use.The glass beads can yellow over time from extended exposure to sunlight.

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Full Zipper

The full-length exposed zipper offers the ultimate in versatility. It features easy one-handed operation and separates fully to enable quick changes and layering.

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Locking Zipper

Our lightest weight full length zipper choice, 30% lighter than our normal full length jersey zipper. The zipper's small/lighter coils and tape helps eliminate zipper bulge by easily conforming to your body. When the zipper's pull tab is in the down position, it locks the zipper mechanism, preventing your jersey from opening more than desired.

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